Bernhard Seyringer



Director of MRV: Media Research Vienna.

Bernhard is a Sociologist with main research focus in Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy and the Sociology of International Relations. He has a broad experience as Policy Analyst for European Affairs and International Communication. Bernhard´s working experience is based in the European Institute for Public Policy Research (EIPPR) in Brussels. Since 2004 he´s also editor of XING Magazin.

He works also as lecturer for Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy and Communication for Research & Technology at different European Universities.

From 2006 to 2012 he was Oberserver for the Commission for Radio and Television Policy in South-,East-, and Southeast-Europe;  Since 2012 he is elected President of Euroscience Austria.

Bernhard graduated at the University of Linz with a MA in Sociology, in addition he attended the Oslo Summer School for Social Sciences, a London School of Economics Program for International Relations and a hot summer at the University of Urbino.
His hobbies include Rugby, Diving and reading the New York Review of Books;